How To Paint A Candle Part 2

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so now we’re going to concentrate on the bottom of this candle hold up this piece here and brush fan brush and I’m going to go into these and crimson and a little bit of blue a little bit of blue but maybe you’ll Israel is room crimson oh do it a little bit lighter so you can see it but place it in the middle here all I’m going to do is I’m just gonna do a round piece hope you can see that hopefully you can see that just a little round piece I will highlight a bit so you can see it in a minute but what I’ve done is I’ve just got the brush probably the wait for the brush in the middle hold it one side sort down and around we might we did with a knife we just go down and around okay and then I’m just gonna make into a point around a net and I’ve just made this into a point so basically the point is about Polly that boy in middle here okay we can highlight that we’ve got to fan brushes it’s got the yellow and white mix and again we can just touch that for the sides and put it around so you can see that part there okay so hopefully you’re getting along with this nicely it’s not too difficult and I’m not going too fast for you so next thing we’re going to do is put down the base around here so see we’re going to come down with this piece of the candle holder they need to probably the bowl here okay so we’re going to get if that’s the middle there we’re gonna have a bowl that’s going to come round here this sort of thing round like that I think it’s going to come down they’re gonna have a handle here so I’m going to use a one-inch brush and using a same mixture that we’ve been using which is the red alizarin crimson one side and you have a size I’m going to do the same technique is what we did up there just by see a elongated circle so what I’m going to do is from here is I’m working out worry it’s gonna be that’s gonna be the middle it’s gonna be the back so what I’m going to do it’s just gonna pull us round that way and this way so okay I’m looking all of the shape so I basically around this way this way pull up in so I’m looking at that so it’s probably twice as wide as what that is I’ll get some more material and he wants to hide or this you’ll probably see it a bit more hopefully so I’ve come round there’s my top lip and then I’ve come down that’s my bottom lip that makes sense and then here I just filled in now also I’ve got that shape here I guess someone would see you as you can see hopefully yeah I’m just gonna pull down and in from the top in down and into the middle now hopefully when I do that you can see that that is forming a reach at the back so if you can see that once I put some highlights and you understand it more and then this would just run this way okay so basically you would only see this sort of shape from the front it’s more the back that we’re worried about that this has got a sin inside of there which we want that dark so I’ve got that shape I’m quite happy with that shape like that so what I would do now I’ll get my brush and I’ll go into the red into some red I’ll pull that in and down in and down so hopefully you can see now that the shape is forming around the backside of that lip this is B the front now to deform this front each piece here I’ll use my fan brush again with the yellow and white one and then I would just touch so you get the idea of where the front is so we’ve got like this this is gonna be from age so she’s gonna come around the back here this sort of thing good idea well that here’s our front edge okay another going with height off this in a minute there it’s just I’ll put this on this you can see what’s happened in the gun you know with this brush you can pull down to give it some more highlights I’m trying to do want a bit that lighter so you can see more on the video of what I’m doing yours wouldn’t need to be so dark this a lot is this but basically I’m just putting down give some highlights and make it stand just giving us an edge I’m going to do under here I will get a lot of fan brush what a fan brush I’ll go into some blue and just a touch of wet and a fan brush going to some blue and just a touch of Moya and I’m just going to pull this under here Wow that a little bit okay just see that hopefully now that on it with lightness under there it’s going it’s a looks like it’s a saw rounded piece at the bottom so now we’ve done that we can now add this piece into here and I’m going to use the fan brush the light mix so I’m going to go into a going I want to get some more so I’ll go into some wipe and a bit Leo code yellow what okay yellow a little bit of the these when crimson in there as well just uh turn it down a little bit and then it’s gonna start from here and put it down through there so I’m going to do is start on this piece here put it down and into the middle of a bolt and then this side from this side come down into the middle of a bowl alright I’m just going to pull down who this comes down here I don’t even over it sit inside to this we’ll see I’m at the saw angle so that might not be perfect straightening bit of my bowl but you’ve got a bit more time because you’re staying over there but it’s not bad I’m quite happy so I just took it in words then out in and then down the bottom there Oh we’ll add some dark so going to some blue add some loser on crimson to stick some more darks in there down here going dark down the bottom here swish around this by spit here so I’m just hating darks in a spice okay and they can also look you know all the time I’m looking to see where can highlight it up a bit more now we’ve got that in there we can see if we want to add some more highlights and I’m going to use the one-inch brush so I’m going to a little bit of yellow bit of red I’m just gonna stick a few more highlights coming in now you can do some of this side just this really sort of make it stand out I want to do a bit more in the front here cuz looks like I’ve lost some of the bits friend brand there and also now just a bit more of a yellow on this side here so on this bit here I’m just gonna add a little bit more yellow just a really like that stand out down that side there and I’m right a bit more on here so this stands out a bit more just lips there’s a bit more hopefully that lip stay a little bit more okay now you can put a handle on here so I only use a hand only is a brush brush okay so now gonna put the handle on I’m gonna use a filbert brush what I want to do is it going to come from here and down and put it on the sides okay I’m going to use the same mix that’s got code yellow a little bit of white a little bit of this alizarin crimson mix in it just place it you’re just going to come up rounds up and round down to here so I’m gonna come up and down like that looks a bit it looked a little bit like I’m just gonna darken it down go into a little bit of alizarin crimson and go over it just that dark just a bit right inside there like that okay and then once we got down then we can haul a lot a few bits and pieces so with a liner brush liner brush a little bit of thinner bit yellow and look at the boy got a few little bits just where the law at he’s got a touch down here a lot more touch a bit up there I’ll put you a bit rounder here the LOI we get on that package part there and I put not a bit around here I think the lawyer catch that edge there a little bit around there from yet what catch the edge there I’m gonna do it a little bit thinner go it says more than what I’m gonna put a bit more down here I think I’ll catch a bit there I saw it in here I’m going to put a little bit of the actual melted candle wax inside there and I go and you can do that by getting a lot on there I just dropping it down flat wax just falling there’s just sitting inside your bowl there so I’m gonna add a little the wick inside of that by using eyeliner brush just put my liner brush I’m just going to get a little bit of the alizarin crimson and blue mix and I’m just going to just a touch just put it inside a bit there just inside of the flame okay so that said be a dog okay yeah you’ve got a lot of time and we’ll be dark in here you Pisces my darks well I’ll make sure that down this bit down here he’s dark on this dark round here because this creates the depth dark – be here so that said is Mart so we painted mark we have a finished painting if you do like these videos and you want to see more please subscribe like and share these with as many people as possible and I’ll keep doing for you so let’s say Oh see you next video you

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