Oil Painting Video, How to paint a candle part1

Oil Painting Video, How to paint a candle

Video Transcript

hi guys Mark Terrell here from paint with Mark and I thought today would do a lovely candle picture and I really do hope you paint on me today so so far I’ve just got a primed canvas that we’ve black gesso or over this this is completely dry and if you want to see our black gesso a canvas if you check one of my other videos you’ll see how to do that so the brushes we’re going to use today are 2 inch brush 1 inch brush number 6 fan brush script liner brush and might use a little filbert brush today as well can use odourless thinner and I’m also going to use just a little knife and we’ll see I’ve got the kitchen roll I’m possibly using today are titanium wire Prussian blue alizarin crimson bright red and cadmium yellow so what that said let’s crack on so the first thing I do is get my 2 inch brush and I’m going to go into some alizarin crimson and I’m just going to pull down these little crimson I’m going to turn brush over and tap time I’ve got a lot of paint on there I’m just going to come up to the canvas and I’m just going to start from the top here do criss-cross strokes I just want to get this canvas coated with this alizarin crimson now you probably can’t see too much of it on the video but when we get some light on here you will see it down over the whole canvas into some more paint just poke the whole canvas this is rough loser and Crimson working down just to make sure got a nice even coat all over Paris I’m really function it in the cameras to make sure that the whole lot is cupboard and work down it’s putting crisscross stripes of going some more paint I’m focusing it well into the canvas now down the bottom here I’m also going to add some Prussian blue so I’m going to go into some Prussian blue pull the Prussian blue down and I’m gonna stop at the bottom here just push strokes we’re going and just work in upwards for us and basically I’m just started from the bomb here I’m working up woods laughs a little bit of pine sides here and then I’m just going to wipe more brush on a bit of kitchen paper paper towel just get rid of the excess plane on it and then we’re gonna just go all the way down from the top brushing down so it’s all downwards okay I’m gonna get my one inch brush and I’m gonna go into some bright red so I’m just putting down my bright red to the brush over tap and now think about where to want more brightest area I don’t see you I love my brightest area around here so what I’m going to do I’m just going to tap and then I love tapping I’m going to go outwards so I’m just bending these bristles round all the way around so just start from the middle and I’m just going round and round around the outside I’m also going to just get I’m not going to clean my brush but I’m going to go into a bit of cadmium yellow pull that both sides and I’m going to just bash that right into the middle so I’m gonna bash you in the middle okay and then I’m gonna start okay work it out just tap it just happy run way around keep tapping energies very lightly down here so most you’ve just saw got pain in there so it looks like oh I like sucks okay and then I’m just going to get a clean one brush clean my way one inch brush off and you can do that in thinness but if you’re going to put any thinners you must make sure they thoroughly clean and draw it off with the thinners I’ve got a couple of these brushes so I’m gonna use another two inch brush and along it though I’m just gonna blend a little bit a little bit so we very like crisscross strokes on a being hardly touching the canvas at all so very very lightly just gonna blend blend this out so I’ll just blend it out so you still got a nice light source in here ah its muffled very muffled this is gonna be the brightness coming off from our candle okay so just blend it around okay I’m gonna wipe more brush you’re going into some kitchen roll just to remove excess paint I go and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna brush downwards just to get rid of some of the lines the brush stroke lines in here so we still got a lovely source light source that’s coming out which we’re going to put our candle in there so thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get a fan brush I’m gonna get a little bit of the yellow and just a touch of white and add those together so yellow what on the bra on the palate it’s a little bit wet and yellow and mix those together and then we’re center of the brightest area is I’m going to just hold the brush flat straight on and I’m just going to push and come down slightly push I come down slightly just so we get the wick I’m going to move on to the knife a knife and I’m gonna get somewhere the knife a little bit in the yellow mix it’s all Marbley effect spread it out cut across so your little tiny piece on you know I thought that you can see that and it will do leave a little gap below the actual wick itself so we don’t the candle too big you know you otherwise it’s going to go out propulsion so I want to do is I’m just put my farm on my finger on this piece healed a little bit and applying hardly any pressure below the way itself I’m just going to come down and around come down round and just pull down the side slide there so if you can see that on there so I’ve just got my knife I’ll touched it I’ll pull it down up and I’ve just dragged it down this side so we’re up them so from here down up just drag it down the side so we need to do so basically that’s that’s probably right engine off and that’s probably and I’ve rinsed it off so it’s about three inches in Inlet for the moment so I’m gonna get the liner brush clean that off and I’m just gonna get a little bit of that mixture a little bit I’ve done off the wall and the yellow and I’m just going to do the bit round the back so you’ve got the top of the candle but it’s slow like that and I’m just gonna do the piece around the back so I’m just going to come from here I just go around the back what’s so gonna use this liner brush going to a little bit of red Tommy a red and at the bottom of the week I’m just going to touch a little bit of this red at the bottom okay still using the liner brush going into the white and yellow mix we don’t too much because when it dark as it comes down I’m just going to touch and I’m just gonna pull down the side so these a little bit material and just Oh from the top I’ll just put it down I’ll just running it down here what she done down the bottom here we want it to be darker so I’m just running this material down here and I’m gonna get bit more of the white you don’t want to get big bit of clump or brush I’m just gonna put on this side a lump here and I’m just gonna run it down the side there so looks like it’s wax that’s hot I’m just running down the side there we move other pieces in in a minute so don’t panic okay we’ll come back to that in a second brush okay we come back into a clean fan brush and all we’re gonna do here is we’re going to put in the candle holder or she’s got to sit on something here okay so we’re going to alizarin crimson again putting down wisdom and crimson put it down one side other side and what I’m going to do is here I’m just going to start from here go round and round you can see that on there so face it you’ve gone round this way I’ve gone round that way so basically is joined up going around one way and go around the other way that you can see that come around one way go many other way bright so I’ve just told you down a bit a little bit blue I’ll try to do it brighter so you can see what’s going on so okay so it’s like a bit like a similar type shape now there’s clean off my fan brush a little bit first and it’s what played Patel now all I’m going to do is I’ve got some the yellow and the water that we had before for the candle and I’m just going to pull that down into the middle here so this is roughly than just below the middle there and so I’m just gonna pull this down so you will see the reason why I did and that it’s amazing now they’ve got the candle that is sitting in the middle of this room they have to show that RIM off obviously what we can do is put an edge on this rim so we’ll go back into my yellow and black yellow and what ban the edge here we can just put a little few highlights just around the edge here so hopefully you can see that this is now round shape we’ll be right here just so you can get the idea okay so you can see here that is rad show well this is sitting on top of this sit down the bottom I’m going to get a bit more the wet that’s what bit more the yellow material code yellow so I’ve got quite a thick mixture there my liner brush I’m gonna do a little bit of wax going coming down and I’m just gonna touch this and just let it take what he wants and what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do like a little tear shape so I’m gonna come down around down and around so it’s a little circular moment a circular movement there sighs got bin comes down like a tear I’m gonna do that down here I’m gonna do it at the bottom of the candle I’m gonna add on down there get what bit the yellow bit the white bit the yellow and I’m going to do one of the bottom here where where it sits down on the flag it goes down and spreads flat and so you might have one coming out here come down and it would sit round like that down the side of the candle but it would be round shape at the bottom okay and you can put as many as these bits in if you want I’ll do another bit around here you had to come around and sit flat round like that keep loading your brush up and a bit the yellow mix come out here I go you could put dauber coming down there if you want to there’s off the side there like that so the wax is falling down the candle once your base here now some of you in classes that we’ve done I find it difficult to sort of work on this edge well you could just be a liner brush onto your yellow white mix again you could come from here and just run it along this line okay you do it too much there’s your bark as well I just saw makes it stand out a bit now if you do too much with a lot of brush and it becomes the band becomes too thick I got you can get your have a brush where you want each brush and put some darks on which would be alizarin crimson and a bit blue and then underneath this you could just put the dark back in like that and that thins the lip so that’s helpful I mean ah let’s try and do bits because obviously people get in different scenarios when they do these though these sort of things I think all Williams would do that there is no mistakes in this painting you know you just use a different technique you cover it up you learn by your mistakes

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