Oil Painting Lesson For Beginners

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Hi Mark Terrell from paintwithmark, I thought today would paint a lovely shadowy forest scene and if you never painted before at all this one you’re going to love because anyone can really do this with no qualifications and never done anything before [Music] so I’ve put black gesso on my canvas which I’ve shown in another video so if you my two videos you showed how to apply black gesso and I’ve let that completely dry and then I’m going to go into some white gesso and I’ve gotten a little paper cut we’re going and I’m just gonna get a little bit of tissue paper I’m going to scrunch it up just tap into my white gesso and I’m just going to look for a light source which I’m going to have sort of somewhere from the middle here and all I’m going to do is lightly just tap in the middle and work outwards so just tapping from the middle and I’m gonna work outwards all around okay if if you find you found too much and it becomes a bit clumpy we can always go into some black gesso and to fill in the areas so thank panic if you think I’ve got a bit too much because the reason though such thing is too much and just bit more we want the brightest area this little bit here he’s loading it up really really bright this mudra section just keep tapping and tapping working out come on doing with a brush account these are just happy memory lightly well a bit tissue paper just a little tiny bit more thinking in middle they’re just creating random shapes that kind of thing is enough for the the wax you can see a little bright area here and I’ve sis all gone out from the middle outwards so I’m going to get a little bit of black gesso so black gesso and I’m just going to pour back in some oi salts a funny bit I’m just gonna get a little foam applicator little frog with foam applicator and I’m just going to mix the black and white together to create a grade and then we’re gonna go back to another bit of paper scrunch up hit a paper or go into the grave and I’m just going to do this around the edges here it’s a gray probably won’t be sitting that much on the video but on me put the cover on put some color on there it will add more contrast yeah I’ll just put a little bit more white there bring it out just a little bit from the middlegame so I’m gonna go back into the middle it doesn’t matter if it’s built up and you can actually feel you know squat build up off this just so it doesn’t matter okay now when you doing this at home it’s the best if you let do this stage let this dry but make sure that if you use any brushes or anything that you put that in the water and you thoroughly clean them out otherwise if you leave it in the actual just so itself it’s gonna be ruined so what will waiting that to dry I’ll go over the brushes and the colors that can be using to die obviously and we’ll put these all across the screen so today we’re going to be using Prussian blue yeah fado Brune blue titanium white engine yellow alizarin crimson like I’ll put some more faded blue on there because I’m going to mix those two together to get a brownie red color okay and the brushes are gonna using today are going are these little farm applicators are you can get from little kitty store children’s stores that’s what I get from packaged something they’re really cheap so we’re using a 2 inch brush a swig liner brush also and amusing the little laying on gesso cheap throwaway bristle brush to create some bushes and again you could do that with a foam applicator I might do one side with the foam applicator so you can actually see is what I’m doing on there so I’ll just let this dry for a second and then we carry on so hopefully now you’ve let that dry at home and we can get on to the next stage so I got back into my foam applicator now where we’ve got light we’re going to use the black gesso and where we’ve got dark at the sides here we’re going to use the white gesso so I’m going to start in the middle here and I’m going to do a few it’s all trees or indications or trees so I’m going to start from the top here and I’m going to come across straight down about there it’s it’s a more black I don’t want the same shape we’re gonna move up a little bit and I’m going to another one I think I tell another one so I hear the game nice and you can see that because we got the white in the background and we’re doing the dark they really stand him we were a bit of a gap on do when I were here there I’ll talk a little bit okay we use a going to brush them and it just a darken it up now I thought those ones there so I want to do now with the site with the using the same brush I’ve got some wet and some black in here and I’m just going to go mix the two together and create a great and then I’m going to do a great one over this side which hopefully you can see that lighter I can’t me set this side II that’s how I’m gonna do okay and then I’m gonna do another one on the outside here I’m gonna put more white in so I’m gonna have more white into this you can see that yeah can some creating a a for us really quick just by using this little farm application brush okay so now I’ve got more basic shapes that we’ve got some black ones and a few times sometimes I pick up a little bit the boy and done some gray and then I’ve found white ones at the side okay I’m going to go into and make sure you put the again the foam applicator in the water but familiar we’re still going to use that in a second so I’m just going to get a liner brush or either brush and this time and I dip it into some water and go into the black also and the black and in the background here I’m just going to create indications lots of indications of the background here trees forests thin lines well these are just background bits and pieces twigs and so on I’m just adding more limbs just to have character okay horse if you need so just to thin it down because it does need to be like ink consistency so make these look good and just uh make the pipe flow really it’s about just to make the paint flow that’s a bit so we’ll see when you come into these bits here that we did gray you need to do the same color so the limbs were going to go into the white and black and these ones we doing these ones using the same colors so just a few a few minutes really answer is that not really at all to create this forest so easing there some people they write they do this part and they’re quite happy to leave it in a rock and more grace type there’s nothing wrong with that some people just you know they love these colors right down there and side of this give it a little bit of AA although it’s catching up I don’t know I’m just continuing to its I had limbs these bits and pieces and don’t forget to obviously add the limbs coming off at the sides as well and little bits and pieces at the sides and coming in from the sides because just because your canvas stops there doesn’t mean that the would stop there you know I always step back from your picture and have a look where you need to do some more don’t want that one so I’ll just continue on down a bit more don’t keep adding water if if it won’t run nicely just add water it’s going to the darks and lights little baby early there we go so looking out I think we’ve done enough trouble like me it’s probably like so many pine you just can’t stop and can’t leave one alone but not to worry so I think I’m gonna do I’m going to do a big big tree right in the middle there as well sorry I’ll get some black and I think I’ll be coming right down here so it’s going to come from this side here right down to this on this cross down today and walked outta here taking out yeah on it big-big Troy yeah she’s gonna have a few limbs as well come on here I should get some pcs this it’s amazing what you can do these little tiny brushes is going on brush again and I’m just going to put a few limbs onto this one I’ll be darker just go over as you can see look and you can see like this on the the video won’t come off here Ranger this is the center oh well traction see and a few little bits on the sides I want it to look strike and even because trees aren’t straight and even as we know people walk top and I think I do a little bit more here but you can add a little bit grace when you like would be like we catch annoying there may be some places in there don’t you see much stand back and have a look yeah messing with that little piece there okay so now we’ve laid on of the trees on how to put some bushes and things around the bites okay I think what I do is I use the little one-inch brush I as I said they’re little gesso brush and just the push option bushes around the edges here so I’m just gonna put a bit more black guess I got some wet what we’re going to do is just basically tap it into and scrunch into the surface so I’m gonna just hold the brush flat on this time and just push up and advice are these some pieces here shot here pushing up and then I’m gonna go into some the Caray I’m just gonna okay just push up here and there right and you’ll see more once we pop it occurring why I’m doing this and we’re back into the black so I’m just well alternate colors and another thing think about some sort of par for probably kind of a path for come round down here so I continue this down yeah and then I get start big right and I’m just gonna think Oh coming down here somewhere oh yes I think ironic funny there across here I think we run up our future into their recovery side up with a bit more of this black here the grey without even some sort okay I’m just gonna put a little bit around the base of that tree as well just a lot just a few little bit some places like I’m just pushing up so of course innovate shop okay now that’s this stage what I would do I would clean your brushes out now and again you need to let this dry completely again when we do classes on students what we do is you have a hairdryer and then we here draw our whole block and that goes he speeds up the process so you know you can always do that if you can’t wait what I tend to do is I tend to put it on there I’m gonna have a quick cup of tea and you want to come back he’s really honey usually takes five or ten minutes so that’s what we do hey guys now hopefully you’ve let this all dry completely before we go on to the next stage so the next stage we’re going to use a bit of liquid clear a little bit of paint medium now you only need so small amount all it is we’re just going to put a little bit on this that’s a little bit slippery so we could put the glaze of color so now about a glaze sometimes you struggle to get the color on there now you really just need a little tiny bit in here so small amount I’m just gonna start that’s all and I’m just gonna crisscross over the entire canvas now they’re done this is why it is so important that you let the paint dry completely the gesso for white completely before we did this bit otherwise obviously it’s going to go on muddy pie and the whole thing be green I’m doing I’m just making sure we’ve got a nice even very small amount you can see a light sheen across the canvas when you look across it now remember that now we’re using these mediums and we’re gonna be using oil paints must be sure that these washed out in odorless thinners okay so washed out overs thinners okay so now that’s all we can begin and start putting some there’s definitely color in there so first thing we’re gonna do is I’m gonna have some phthalo blue no we all need a smaller amount so I’m just going to put out a small amount on here a touch turn over touch I’ve hardly got any paint on there at all on any plane I’m gonna start up in the corners work across calm down you see that lovely Cala we go lovely different tones and shades blacks and grays that are there now I’m just going to bring this down just to the top of this foliage that we did I’m just going to run over the top of somebody’s folders just a little bit here some on top to the foliage woods while ago in system Prussian blue which is really dark and I would put out a very small amount of that dark the corners these comes really dark it’s up here over here okay so I just put white boy brush into a paper towel just to clean the brush off and I think we’re having lucky that what area where sunshine in an zinging through the woods so I’m gonna get some titanium boy for bits so tanya moore and i’m just gonna tap just with the corner the brush i’m just like in the corner of the brush okay so I come up where I think the light source would be and it’s bringing out and I think this would be a nice area so we’ve got light coming out from there so I’m actually going to go over critical strokes and I’m gonna work out working outwards Thunder Wave you know you’ve been in the woods sometimes and seen sort of something you look kinda just wow what it just comes out so I’m just working out you can go out a spa you think this is life would be can I call you back not only kill off too much of this right bit here want the tail going on a bit of tissue paper pick up a little bit more wet and go back in here again just the fur bit more white in there okay okay from there I’m just going to pour now I’m just gonna tap into some paint just tap down zing may have some over here with this where the sunlight just comes through those trees yeah Wow I’m just a whizzing fruit okay now we are going to some yellow ocher I’m sorry the Indian yellow because Indian yellow is a transparent color and I’m just gonna start from the bottom here just don’t worry boy it’s a voyage as we dumped yeah it’s gonna join a brush change my brush and think and said oh bunnies brush just you over here you can see where we’ve done that overage a bit more yellow I’m just gonna coming to the bottom of these trees you saw it yeah and when we come down to blue you had this yellow it creates a lovely green greens in there as well and pull up slightly few of these there so I’m just gonna get a knife and I want to get some blue I can’t find a blue and some red roughly thinking pops I’m just a mix off here one that bit more bread because I want it more ready okay points for brush Bobby I’m just gonna go it’ll be here my coffees I’m just gonna mother content as well across there what now you go back to my liner brush but this time we were using odorless steel and 3/8 ink mixture consistency a guy I just hear them there oh god you can just put a little few bits on this trees you can add a few more twigs and sticks from yeah and then I’m a little lightly blend but very likely of all you are something maggots so I think we have a finished picture you’re not this video and you want to see some more step-by-step videos and please subscribe below and like these and I’d love to see the pictures that you send in as well and so send them to my email I’m coming by that’d be really great so smart towel from paper mark and we’ll see you on the next one

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