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hi guys Mark Terrell hear from paint with mark I thought today would do a noise step by step all painting and a lovely winter scene so that’s said of already liquid white the canvas and again if you want to see how I’ve done that if you look at one of the videos you will see that okay firstly if you do like the videos and you think you’re going to gain something from it if you could just subscribe below a lot of the buttons I’ll pre show that so all the colors that were going to be using today are bright red cadmium yellow yellow ocher so tiny my phthalo blue midnight black dots you end up vendor broiling that brown and is in crimson I’m just going to get a bill because more paints are running it off oh yeah okay but I will put the links below the video and to show you exactly what paints I’m using and as I go along so also show the brushes I’m using today can be using the 2 inch brush a one-inch brush a knife a small knife but today we use the round brush on each round brush a little detail brush or ring a brush or some people call it so that’s it let’s go so first we’re gonna do is get a number 20 bit of cadmium yellow now you really don’t need a lot of paint you’re just going to tap into the CAD yellow very small amount of paint on the brush and I’m gonna start up here with a nice bright area so I’m just gonna do crisscross strokes by color there okay now about cleaning the brush I’m gonna go straight into yellow ocher again give it a tap turn the brush over and then I’m gonna go around the outside of that going criss-cross strokes just like a face oh just what my titanium white some reason it’s going very runny today okay so I’m going around here with the yellow cup and then what I thought I’d do without cleaning the brush I’ll go into some bright red and this is very powerful color and I’ll put that branding else saw it over here now I’m just gonna get a bit tissue paper and just one the excess paint our brush okay so I’m now going to go into some black midnight black and put some midnight black down and a little bit of a low blow I don’t I’ve pulled the color down onto the palette and I’m just going to tap you don’t need very much pineys a very powerful color and I just want to talkin the edges here the reason I’m doing that is is it would draw you into the middle of the screen is what we want to do later on a gun don’t panic it doesn’t look much at the moment I know but it will will be finished ok so we’ve got the basic colors on now I’ve got the basic colors on I’m gonna wash the brush we’ve under the spinner and to get all the excess paint out and must be sure to get any excess pan out okay so just brush my brush out of odorless thinner and I’m going to add all bit of white just on the very corner of the brush because well create a light spot in the middle here so I’m just gonna put a bit away and what I’m going to blend out from the middle don’t go inwards otherwise you’re gonna have a horrible green color so I’m just gonna go round around and this will go around I’m gonna work outwards and it’ll work outwards I’m blending so we’re blending the colors down we can outwards great lovely beautiful sky okay whilst we’ve got some trees foliage over this we’ve got Louisville right there we just try to weigh the harshness now one I’ve still got the blue on my brush I’m just gonna brush on the bottom me up and the weeds need because it’s gonna create a little bit the shadow area where we gonna put some snow so just put a little bit more broom down here just enough and now I’m gonna wipe the brush some more tissue paper always keep the nose or tissue paper just to get the excess off and does what want to do it’s just not blended I just want to go lightly over the whole hands just a push all those colors back now next brush we’re going to use is the one inch round brush it creates some lovely lovely detailed bushes and some great distant bushes and that’s what we’re looking forward to die so on a dip into the black mixture ago but it’s mainly black so I’m going to put a little black on my palette and I’m going to tap bring it out and I’m just tapping tapping so I’ve got a small amount very small amount of pain in the bristles and then I’m going to come up to this will this sort area here and then when you put this on the first time remember the first time you tap it on the canvas he’s going to be the darkest so I always start from the bottom and work upwards so here I’m gonna stop here and the tap now think about shapes okay now there are people say oh well what will do it’ll just happen on it well I am just tapping on there but I’m actually thinking about the shapes I’m gonna create so we are we want bushy shapes tree types sort of shapes awesome here paint here is I’ll come back to the air in a second no one’s doing nothing I’m just tapping down but it’s tap tap tap down I’m gonna bring it all the way along here now now as I come on here there’s not very much paint on my brush so that is now what I’m going to go into here because we don’t want to get rid of this light area so now I’m going to tap very very lightly very lightly which creates more distant bushes see so it’s very light there so looks like that’s further away so now I can go back into the paint and put a few more front which sets that back further okay like another thing I would do lovely so now we’ve got all out distant bushes in into the background there next bit sofa liner brush a lot of brush and we’re just gonna put in the indication of some tree trance and little sticks and twigs and that will give it the depth that we’re looking for so that what I will do I will use it up paint thinner and I’ll go into some paint light brown it black but what you want to make sure that it is like ink consistency ink consistency and then I will just go up from here and I will just put indication or a few branches and twigs yeah don’t just make sure that the mixture is as I said like ink consistency whether you can see on there but very inky consistency open you can see that on the camera just a few years a bit some pieces we’ve got you know you can take more time when you do your picture I’m just doing it here so give you an idea of we can achieve in reasonable time okay you can spend a lot more time and detail in your picture when you do it well just so this is a lovely quick picture for you to practice it’s ideal for beginners even if you’re intermediate you love painting this one because the lovely colors that are in this picture and if you need to send in pictures these sort of pictures so very well a craft fairs and food fairs and places like that really but mighty craft fairs so if you are into selling them but I just love teaching and painting and that reminds me if you do like what you see in on the videos if you’d like to subscribe I would appreciate you and then you know I’ve got to be doing more these step-by-step videos for you so hopefully you’re painted along with me but if not be cool to watch the video play it back practice just practice the kind of just doing very fine bits and pieces here just create their character to picture just also you remember that when you are doing these sticks and twigs though obviously the branches and limbs or thin at the top so ideally they need to be thicker at the bottom and thinner at all so probably enough now give your dear indication there’s lots going on in the background always when you do your pictures why step back I do would be six foot away so I step back in your picture have a look what’s going on in there obviously you can see you need to do anything or need to correct anything that’s all okay now I’m gonna put some snow in this picture and a lot of people say that’s really difficult slowly however it is not hard to do putting stone and he’s it very easy because we’ve put a bit of dark in the background here the snow is gonna pick it up and he’s gonna you’re gonna see it’s very easy to do so just clean my minor brush L we’re going he put all the tissue paper to hand alright next thing this one into titanium oil now some reason more titanium or yeah it’s going very very runny today what I’m going to do is get my touch brush and put it one side I’m turning it over and I’m putting it for the other side so it’s becoming like a dress or chiseled edge or you can see that on the brush each there’s a lot of paint in there a lot of paint I don’t be scared to use enough paint I want to do it I’m gonna pull this two-inch brush through and down and out to create this snow so all do is going to sit here want to push your artists on to canvas put it across and out instant snow that’s an e-fit put it across when I load up the game pull it through and say it over to really load the brush up a bit higher from here across pick it up a little bit a background color you want cross a gun you might pick up a bit too much dark so just go into the towel and wipe the excess off the towel again we load the brush up on the guy I want to come from here put it down now what I’m doing up dis or brushing this down cuz I at the land the way that I want my land to be and I’m gonna create I think I created some a bank some banks along here that’s it we’ll go for a knife and we’re going to some need some to Simpson black I’m just gonna pull out a bit of black and just a touch of white so you want it a little bit lighter or gray color no what I’m gonna do with the knife it’s just going to pull out a little bit on a knife and then I’m gonna think you know where my twittle want my bank and this is a very easy way of doing snow or a bank what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna scrape the color in the canvas now I’m shaping it to go around well what the bank okay so what I’m doing is I’m just pulling it round really I’m scraping off the excess paint as I do it and then I will just pull down like this and we’re going to use that part it’s a shallow now hopefully yeah you would have got off most of this this is just really just so I saw in the canvas scrape it into the canvas so once you’ve done that only get a one each brush and I’m just going to pull straight down now because we got obviously the liquid water underneath you see gonna create reflections I’ll turn the brush over the other way I’m on lightly go sideways okay then go back to my two-inch brush I’m going black back through the wet I’m just going to load some more liquid white I’m just gonna put some more white on boy vault okay so there’s more white on my palette and I’m going to go through one side and then the other side and then I’m just gonna do it is that we say that we did before just come along and just pull down so coming on pull down over so it looks like the snow is then actually going over the bank very easy not so about p.m. and the trees up here again both sides here down oh so basically I just will put it along and lift it off slightly so it looks like so is going over the bank okay you can keep going bit of snow and mike is fluffy is it you know you’d like to okay so I’m going to create a few more banks with my knife using the same color going a dark mix and I’m going to put one out here I think in front wet bit down here right down here put it down and then I’m going to use walk brush a one-inch brush and I’m just gonna put it straight down quick reflections across okay now put snow on top of these ones brush two-inch brush load it with titanium white on both sides and do exactly the same as what we did up here I base it up come from here push over and down okay push move up and down picked up a little bit of dark which can act as a shadow I don’t just watch the way that the lens going so another one here up over with some more white here up over down down yeah I’m just gonna brush it around I’m just gonna brush hold area here with wet cross I’ve done you can keep going to to create sort of a scoreboard wrapping it fluffiness severely a bit more slow here because obviously snow goes round here okay I want the offing on there a bit of Bank up there as well because that looks the snow is just not flowing perfect okay I’m just a guy I want to try going to same wide so I just brought you back you’re not to see something that goes on for people some more pushes and things there anyway so what I do I think I put you know push on that part there so I use more round brush I’ll do a bit of dark and then we’ll just pull this bit down the flower bush there just sort of push that back in a little bit okay and we can do also he is wake up you know put on a brush to make it stand out a bit more we can just this unbelief this all make you stand out a bit more okay so that’s the slope are done over the riverbank in here we just want to tie this up a bit more to make it look more like water here so I’m going to do I’m just in again a little tiny bit of rush it was slightly bit a five oh no a very small amount of photo boat okay guys and now we’ve got the snowing I thought we’d put these trees in now and a few trees in this side here so I’m gonna use a filbert brush now I’m just going to go into some red light brown dots you know and some black just a dark mix not too worried about the mix in but mainly dark and I’m gonna think we’re about something to put these branches and trees so I think of it a nice if we come up here and I’m just gonna pull it down round put it down right into this is airy here I think yeah just into this whatever so like that okay turn to a bit more paint and add quite a bit what bronze coming down this bit here to join me into him but a pain you can do it you’ll see people broschi something that’s coming off here I’ll use a liner brush moment just or get a basic shape and I think it’d be nice to be of a couple more so we’re gonna do here ever friend here I think we’ll just pull one from here I think with thinner dad’s in there and you know I think what we’re doing so I’m gonna put a big big one right into this area here so go to some more paint blend up Bernbach sienna and not black okay and you you could use a fan brush brush you’re like really I think I’m gonna talk give me a bit of shape and bring it down to about there so so we’ll cover on here putting it around batter it’ll come down around the area I think we’ll paint we’ll pay never have picked up some wet [Applause] now I’m striving to commit not a branch this bit here I have an honorable peace coming right off the canvas here down to this area here okay so I’m now gonna go into a liner brush I’m just gonna get a little bit thinner and I’m going I’m going to go into midnight black dark sienna and red or brown it’s gonna be war theater wrong just this is just a thin paint down into our already consistency and also all your consistency just the darks you stood at the house this is just sort of see just to do the limbs just that make easy to do the limbs will you really so I’m just going to soften here I’m just gonna wiggle their limbs out plain don’t you add a little bit thinner each time you doing this just oconee make sure it’s just very very wet you’ll find that the paint will work for you okay a little different these limbs are going to be different obviously also I’m gonna just change out on a slowly we’re going to cover some any sillier a River Ridge small small blue then when you’re doing your picture you know you can take a lot of time you can actually think about where you’re putting them okay not just here and just so just showing you what we’ve done in a very short time just by city shiny the techniques the whole kid you want the muscle going off at different ways that guy needs a few on here so this I hope you’re enjoying painting longest picture a guy if you do you want to see a few all these step-by-step videos and I appreciate it if I see you do subscribe below and a lot more pictures obviously share those of you live locally I’ll do run 4c classes because the classes for you all and 2018 and you’ll be holding some accredit painting classes as well as oils so for those you there into acrylics can we do some acrylic paintings she’s very similar to watercolours really that white I think that just about do it really little piece on here okay I don’t know how much you can see cost you from this video the detail here but you know I mean you do yours you can put as much detail as you want soon so I’m just gonna turn the base here I’m just going to off see just put it down into the snow brush around there in a minute with a lot of brush just so it blends a bit more or see in these Lakes the standoff so I’ll get out a few knickers in there now we can also do you long so add color to the side so we’re going to some pure black down here then we could just run it just hold into the brush like this and we can just run it down the side just to give it some depth this one and if you put it on if you put this on quite big its texture to it so you can actually feel it on the actual painting so guess you feel the actual all itself okay I think that we’ll do it again you can mix between the darts and they’re like you know you could come into some dark sienna and a going no you could go down this side a bit dark sienna different bits of colouring give it more realistic okay so I’m just going to plane the liner brush no thinness pull it out from the cloth I’m just going to a little bit of wax just touch any white I’m just going to put a little bit of wire just not a few bits on just on the edges the tree here will be down there there’s some snow might have fallen or gap it on there please up here snowblind up then I saw it there you’re not look I’ve done a bit so don’t worry you know you cannot mess up your picture if you think I’m all on too much he just come back in back in the dark for the dark back in the guy just war like it back in okay I’m just going to go back to my two-inch one-inch brush I’m just going to pull down I’m thinking about shallow little bit shadow I’m just gonna pull down just very lightly pull that cross here’s the blending in a little bit so I’m here this one just to sit back into the snow in a bit they can’t so I think quite happy with the way that the trees have gone I think that in the water here though we could just add a little bit more to the water and we can put a few rocks in the water there so to do that I’m gonna use the floor but brush or you can use a round brush and I’m just going to clean that off okay the head put the foot brush on do is I’m gonna pull it through the baths especially the black just one side so I’m just putting it through the black on one side turn it over and put it through the one so you got black one side and white the other side I’m just going to come into here and I’m just going to do some small little money rocks it down here we’ll do a couple in the edge bigger one there so because I’ve got the dark and our eyes automatically highlighted it for me so but you can put it through the wire again black make sure you put the white at the top of the brush just the only thing was it won’t show so with that one to do I’m just going to wipe the brush now go it’s a little bit play pup and I’m just gonna pull down very very lightly just to create reflection in the water like so and then I’m gonna get some my knife get a knife and I’m going to go into a little bit of liquid white liquid white and just just literally touch in there it went bit on the knife and I’m going to do is not just going to cut in as if I’m cutting the canvas so I’m just going to cut in around these rocks just just to create a water ripple so I’ve just got some black again and I’m just cutting in the fuel lines but make sure these lines are level okay I’m just put them around the rocks just add a bit more character to them [Music] do so just you got some water the indication of water there we killed right now the trees see these trees I’m going to put a little bit of foliage on there and then a little bit of snow on songs so we’re going to use the round brush and we’re going to go into the black bead not black and what I’m doing isn’t typing pulling out the paint tapping straight down that’s right down now if you want a little bit lighter and thinner you just keep your tap in a little bit of paper or canvas just get a little bit lighter and I’m just going to put a few clumps in these trees so I’ll do a few yeah now think about where these areas are gonna be try and think a bit a little bit about form okay on it no too much we don’t too much but you need the dark this show the light when we highlight on top so many put the dark in back into some more paint this part of this destroyed yeah okay not too much I’ve worked the dog sit against the lovely back going colors really sends it off and I’m not doing I’m just tapping tapping this brush and it’s producing the shape for me you come back into somewhat black to this side cluster in there [Music] there here and there I think I won’t bring you down anymore I mean I might put a little bit there so that’s what the thought-form I don’t all right put them in the areas where the actual branch ends is where I’ve tapped in I’ve come a little bit and I’m just taxi and saucy you wouldn’t want to just over here you want to make sure that your branch is aimed where you’re putting your dark in okay so I’m gonna actually clean this brush in thinner so excuse me I’ve gotta let me unfortunately but I’ve got a lot of towels so because we’re gonna we put some highlights on I’m not too worried about getting out all of the thinner but if you put too much thinner it’s just all gonna run down the picture it’s what we don’t want so I’m gonna go into some liquid water and some titanium no tap it tap tap tap open up bristles open up the bristles it’s a very thin mixture and very lightly I’m just going to highlight the darks now okay think about forms so I’m just gonna highlight over these don’t need too much a few places a little bit too long you can just tap up old room and you’ve done them a bit more for you step back or step back another look at your picture yeah so I think that’s a a finished picture I going hope you’ve enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial to die again whose paintings yourself you’ve taken a lot more time but I guess here to show their techniques if you do like this tutorial and you want to see some more if you’d like to see the next video up in the corner always subscribe below and like it I would really appreciate it mark from paintwithmark

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