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hi guys Mark from paint with mark and thought today we played a beautiful seascape picture so she was going to use that they are a one inch brush a 2 inch brush a knife and am i use i found brush number 6 fan brush and i’m probably going to use a liner brush the colors that we’re going to use today ohh titanium white Prussian blue phthalo green alizarin crimson dot Van Dyck Brown dark sienna bright red and I put a little bit of white there now I’ve already applied an even coat of liquid white on the hold of the canvas just to make sure it’s nice and slick and ready to accept payment so that said we’re going to create beautiful seascape picture so the first thing I do is going to go into some phthalo green now you don’t use a lot of fun of green I’m just going to pull a little bit down on my brush pull it down tap any over tap gonna cut some canvas and I’m just gonna stroke it across the canvas just across the canvas so I’ve just applied it a little bit here and there and then I’m also going to rub it on the bottom the cameras as well very lightly just with the rest of left put it in backwards across the bottom or the canvas okay I’m gonna wipe my brush so what we’ll brush on some make your wet on a towel just to wipe the brush on a towel paper towel history remove excess paint I don’t know don’t do it put it into thinners yet so I’m just squeezing out the excess paint and they’re just going to come across there you’ll notice I’ve left areas of oil that’s what you want to do it just place it back how long so I’m just going to use crisscross strokes now and applying lots of pressure I’m just going to go over or suffer just blending in and it’s going to mix with the liquid wet in the background you know I do ver this have us just blamed in I’m just applying light pressure crisscross drugs okay a little bit less pressure okay without cleaning the brush wet cleaning the brush and they’re going to some Prussian blue and again this is a very powerful color so I’m just going to touch the corner I’m a brush I pulled a little bit about how we’re doing too much that’s gonna kill it everywhere I’m just going to come up to the corners and the point into the company’s first and then just an on the top here because some into the top and just bring it down just a little tiny bit into the photo green so it mixes it a bit okay I’ve got reloading the brush at all I’m just going to keep now blending it by applying light pressure or going back over the blue the light pressure blending it all together now okay I’m gonna get my knife and I’m gonna get some blue some of the blue put it down I’m gonna get some the red light brown and some of these are in crimson I mix them all together no I start mix a bit more blue in there that’s a bluey a little bit of tingle Brown just those dark really and get a fan brush I’m a 6 fan brush and I’m gonna use that mix don’t mix tap it in there I’m just going to bounce dance on and I’m wisely flicking back moving it left and right up and down to create some dark on here movement part clouds just different different pieces are you know again this is Brandon the mall random you keep this the permits gonna be thought once I hear I’m just doing that going just ran randomly doing it over here as so so I’ve just saw put in twist this around and put in some of this dark and then I’m going to go back to my 2 inch brush and very lightly go back with some false Christmas strokes just to push this back it all there so I’m just blending this in real at just cause strokes that wasn’t forwards very light you’re doin it to prominence I’m just pushing his back while I eat doing the crisscross strokes which is creating the clouds for us automatically nice always my wife’s I’ve done the crisscross strokes compact some forwards I might do a couple more down here I think just get my brush I might be a little bit there crisscross strokes now I’m gonna clean my fan brush into I’ll use lit baby oil I’m use a baby oil just that I don’t to use thin si but again you could use odorless thinners if you want to use oil as sinners but today I’m going to use by Boyle because it’s much better for the brushes obviously less the top signal fumes so I’m just gonna I’ve got a little bucket and I’ve got a little grill inside this bucket which I tap in the Bible and then wipe it on the grill and you can get these from most craft shops watch over there and then you must make sure you get also sure you get all the excess baby oil out of the brush before you use it again it’s very important you do that so that’s clean so now you’re going to some white um Blanche is white I know with a little touch just a hint I mean no really hint of red so I’m just going to touch the red put it into that way [Music] I’m doing this a little bit put more bread than what I’ve done do but it’s just for you for the camera so by game it will mean it really stand out and you can see it and so I’ve got a lot more wet no white they have loaded more brush fury and that’s going to come up and I’m just gonna push push some sweat underneath some of the dark clouds so I’m looking at the light is coming up I’m just gonna push it in again you don’t need to be too critical about this I can just random so I going on enough put bits here put bits there and all over the place really I just want to get some white in on there because we’re all right you know you get hints of the sun’s shining upwards and so we’re gonna put bits or boy in here and there I think shoot down here okay once you’ve done that I’m gonna get a clean to each brush and very lightly do the same very like crisscross strokes very like crisscross drives and applying hardly any pressure hold any pressure it’s all crisscross strokes on hold any pressure it’s fluffing these clouds up and once I’ve gone over the clouds I’ll very lightly right across the whole block across right back okay now I want to make a nice bright airy in the scholar here which is going to reflect down into a Walter so some more that way pick up some wet it’s got a little bit of touch of red in there I give it pinky look the brush one way other way really nobody up and I’m just gonna hold my brush like this when I think about where she’s coming down it’s gonna be shiny down here so I want a nice bright area here something enormous Brujeria there so I’ve just touched it on this on the canvas hopefully you can see that nice bright area there and then I’ll get up use my brush again very lightly very lightly just the brush over it very lightly so hopefully you can see there is a nice bright area here it’s going to be shiny down there and I’m going to create the horizon roll in there along here so I’m going to use a little bit new your phthalo green and I’m going to use the dark mix that we start with and I’m going to also get their white so I got a bit wet the dark color that I’ve been using and a little bit of phthalo green when it dark enough but when it become darker as things come towards us so you know where we going to put a horizon line here so I think it’s going to come along about here okay you could use a bit of tight masking tape to put on there first to get it exactly but finished demonstration I’m not not too worried I’m a long there sighs I’ll do rocking strokes which was backwards and forwards like this so up and down Rocky strikes at the sides here leaving gaps just doing Rocky strokes to create warp to movement I think I’m going to do this side you’re going to tap this slightly just backs or forwards rocky movements this side same thing now I keep going back to some falls over lightly the paintbrush people apps are here from an effing well over this side we’re going I’m just going to lighten this up here by using a fan brush I’m just going to put some light color on there just a touch just on here wait that a little bit the distance i’ll run though and I’m just adding some more white horizon line okay now you’ll see this light is shining through here so what I’m going to do is I’m going to apply some of the wet into that so okay we’ve don’t know crisscross strokes here obviously we’re going to get it’s going right across this is going right across the water so we create your movement I basically I’m just going up and down so getting it up and down so got a few movements like that they’ll go up then down up and down so it’s creating movement in this warmth up-down troughs little trough don’t light across here not too much across here because I want to keep this bit light so I’ve just sort of pulled a little bit of the color across I’m just going to wipe the brush right now I’m gonna create a bit more movement by going back into the dark color and just doing it look be a regular you won’t see too much because obviously you know this it’s a long way away but I just want to create the illusion that this there’s something going on here here and there I’m just going to create little points of interest I’m just I’m just touching the canvas and putting it down oh my god so just looks like this movement in the water here basically I’m going to put obviously some waves across here so next thing let me go into my dark mix we’re going I’ve got both sides now I’m going to recreate waves or that comes along here so basically I’m just gonna wiggle a shape down across down down over to there what I’m doing is I’m just getting a bit of color on the canvas I’m just lightly rubbing with my fan brush cutter on there okay you don’t see too much movement but the closer it is to you that the darker you need to make the waves so I’m not grab this one too big all of the little just scrapes a better color on the canvas really keep it random and different you don’t need hardly any action and so on the canvas to make it a little water okay so there’s that one there and you don’t think I’ll do another one here I’m going a little put some rocks and things in here so I’m going to go a little bit darker put one on here I just pull down spicy I’m just getting color on that a moment pulling it down of this and then I going up here we just do the rocking strokes just so like is they covered for a minute but we’re gonna put rock some things in anyway so I make it a highlight and we’re going to make these better stop finished up so they’re bit so you can see it I do a way of going what’s that okay now I’m gonna clean the fan brush into the BabyBjorn again and wipe it on there fuck it just want to get it nice and clean and wipe into some paper Italian okay now I want to guess whistle right along this area here so we’re going to our light mix put it one side and put it the other side and I’m just gonna do the same strokes back with some forwards rocking strokes here and bring it towards that’s going to come down but i wont here want it to be very very bright so I’m just gonna load up the brush the fan brush on the tip there and I’m just going to touch the canvas so now I’m just going to touch along following the shape of the waves that we created for it along I just want this very very bright along here and then going to take it out to some buddies at the size and all I’m going to do is just touch the top of these waves that we created so the Sun is just showing it down just just just talk the edge of these waves is here and they’re just nice and bright that light coming through here so the light shine is coming through so you can see that it should be bright here oh nice it’s hard even they’re lovely so she’s really bright on this really bright it’s up here okay now on the top of our waves will get again now what it’s some wet and it’s got a touch of red put it one side and put it down the other side and just push push up let’s create a nice little Ridge and then what I’m going to do is just on the very tops I’m just going to touch and push up touch and push up just on the very top of these waves you can see the actual splashing of these waves someone here okay the very tops just touch in put me down this one just pushing upwards touching at the top push it up the sense of the splash or when it rolled in over okay now once you’ve got that you can actually as it comes closer to you you’re in a bit more detail so you’re actually going to pull just pull it down just lightly some of that white you’ve put in there you’re just gonna put it down gr summary like me two days and Samir just a very smaller well going on this one yes very very like you just pull it down just touch and put it down use put in a little bit of that wet down so it looks like it’s giving it movement complete movements of this wave okay and here and there we’re going you can just touch a few of these in the water here just here and there so you get that impression there’s movement in the Warped up down here some that come down I’m gonna put some rocks in there so I get my knife and what’s dark color so we’re going to go into some Van Dyck Brown and Prussian blue so I play light brown and Prussian blue I think we have a couple of beers so basically I’m just gonna go in here and just put in few rocks rock shapes there put one in there just put I’ve got a few over this side like a price just get the dark in there just scrape it in and keep the shapes random don’t do all the same you want different shapes I’m just scratching I’ll put the color on first apply the color and then I’m just scratching off the excess cuz I’m just wasted like staining staining the canvas so a nice top edge bit dark let’s have another one some another one out there I think I can get the color spread it flat get a roll on the knife and you just come in one day I’m gonna do one they’re sticking out wrap some more over this side of theme we go around no any minute you’ll see what I’m gonna do with that in a moment okay so possibly got some basic shapes in we can use its fan brush just use the fan brush come into the white it’s got a little bit red on there and mice you got a lot i’m not paint fully-loaded it push up and then let the base of these rocks you’re just gonna go in at that angle you’re just going to push and touch up with a bob of it and that gives the Umbra implication the water is splashing up at the base of the rock you want to wipe the fan brush because it will pick up some color and then very carefully with some two hairs as a mare basically I’m just gonna use the fibrous um pull this up very lightly up the rock that will give the indication that all the water has gone on there and splash down okay so basically round out and you just push that right back now and again we can just do rocking movements around here it doesn’t matter if he picks up here they color because it looks like it’s the dark from rock the shadow of the rock there so I want to go into some more wet a little bit of red on there what push up and I’m gonna do the same at this one here push up push up push up push up Fang Fang push up I’m the gun he just creates the illusion just touch very lightly put it up put it up those rocks more what on this one push up Ron Weiss here lift up slightly and then here you can express it at the side this big drop a gun load one side the other side push you up there you go you can have it so there’s just splashing it aside here so we could push it up here there’s a first-come splash on the top here and we could even drizzle get a little bit on the side of our fan brush of the boy and we can have it so it’s just coming down the rock as it’s kind over just swirling down coming over the rock so that waters actually come over the rock there don’t put a bit more here just very lightly as if the wall was just splashing over the side of the rock I don’t going here applied very light pressure very light pressure just to let the water fall down over the rocks this one here is these pushing in a bit more so I’m going to get some more one more what push you the base and I’m gonna just down here a little bit of rocking back some forwards here rocking better little forwards and again you can use your liner brush you want to put lots of detail lots of you know more and more detail in this and you can get a bit more get a bit of a boy with some thinners very thin thin it right down by ink consistency and you can start doing I started with 20 pieces in these waves little lines and bits of pieces I’m going with this liner brush I’m just doing backwards and forwards rocking my movements again it just creates the illusion of movement in this water thousand forwards very likely that wasn’t forwards lots of overlapping strokes overlapping strokes just career in movement so well that says I face a nice easy seascape picture for you to follow along with if you join these videos I love if you can subscribe to plate with mark on YouTube please like share and post your comments below thanks very much say smart with polka mark signing off

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