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Mark Terrell Artist & Bob Ross Instructor.  

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How it all began for me, 12 years ago i became ill with colitis. It took time to diagnose me and i was unable to work full time.

While ill at home and  watching TV, I stumbled across a program by chance, one morning called ‘ The Joy Of Painting ‘ hosted by Bob Ross, a very softly spoken man with a funny haircut, talking about ‘ Happy Trees ‘.

I could not stop watching, I was was totally amazed at how Bob Ross was painting using a 2″ brush, and the fine detail he achieved. He made painting a masterpiece in 30 minutes so simple, I remember thinking surely it can’t be as easy to paint as that! Can it.? Yes it is, with a little practice and guidance.

I found a bob ross painting class on the internet, held by Paul And Terri from Sussex. I booked the class and attended, I was very nervous not knowing what to expect, but they put me at ease very quickly. (If you are in Sussex area i would highly recommend there Bob Ross Oil Painting Classes )

The painting class helped me to feel relaxed. I actually found something that i really enjoyed doing and after just one painting class I was hooked, it was true, following guided instruction I achieved a great looking picture that even my family did not believe I painted. I had never painted a thing before, I did not even do art lessons at school.

I was very eager to learn because the ‘wet on wet’ painting method brings quick results and with practice I attended more oil painting classes with different Ross instructors, including Kirk Glander & Paul Bryant, they were great teachers.

By chance while trying to find suppliers of bob ross paints, I came across a Bob Ross Teacher Training Course  and i was offered a place on the Bob Ross CRI Landscape Course.

On my first week of the oil painting training I was being taut by Ellen Tye who herself, was taught by Bob Ross, my tuition was of the highest standard. Years later after training, I am now honoured to be a certified BOB ROSS painting instructor in Landscapes, Seascapes and Floral’s and able to teach the Wet on Wet Style of painting.

I am proud to say i am also a certified Bill Alexander Painting instructor. (This was the man who taught Bob Ross).

Today I still continue improve my painting and teaching skills and am proud to of taught over 700 students.

The joy and pleasure I get from teaching and watching a non – painter, paint a beautiful picture in one day is priceless.

I am always looking to improve and i am in training, to teach Acrylic Painting Classes too.

Ellen Tye Bob Ross Instructor

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Bernie Bob Ross Instructor

Bob Ross Class Dates